Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post #4 Conflict and Resolution

Learning Goal:  To identify the main conflict of the plot and the way it is resolved.
Please read pages 2-3 of our blue Holt Elements of Literature textbook for more information about conflict.  According to our textbook:
A conflict is a struggle.  It is a problem the character is trying to deal with or a goal the character is trying to reach. The author tells us about the conflict at the beginning of the story in the exposition. 
Rising action plot events are events in the story where the character takes action to solve the conflict. 
The climax of a story is the most exciting moment of the story.  This is the point where you find out how the conflict will soon be resolved.
In the final part of the plot, the character’s problems are solved one way or another.  We say that the conflict is resolved.
1.       Describe the main conflict of the story.
2.       Describe the climax of the story. Include page numbers or chapter numbers.
3.       Describe where the conflict is resolved.  Include page numbers or chapter numbers.
4.   Be sure to read all of the definitions above to help you form your response.
5.  Be sure to read your classmate's comments.  Learn from them. Respond to their comments in some way- either agree or disagree.  Support eachother's understanding of the conflict. Talk about it!


  1. this is a metaphor death was a fly that stopped buzzing when the swatter hit it

  2. the conflict of the story is he cant be normal he has to hide from the population police the climax of the story is when he goes over to jens house the conflict is resolved when jens father gives luke a fake id and he goes away to a privite school

  3. The conflict is that Lukes a third child and always in his house because the population police dont allow third children the resolution is that Luke figures out theres another third child living at the sports families house and Luke went over there with the risk of getting seen and he ended up being best friends with the sports families third child

  4. I think the conflict is the government made a law that says that you can't have more thet two children and lukes parents did not fallow that law so luke has to live a hard life were he cannot do very many things such as go out side or even go to school.

  5. the conflict of the story is luke being a thrid (illegal) child and hiding all the time. The climax is in the second half he discovers or at least thinks there is a child like him across the street. It is Resolved when jens dad (The other third child) gives him a fake I.D to go to public school

    -Richie H 2nd Block

  6. The conflict in this book is that Luke, an illegal third child is stuck inside hiding because of the "food", the population police says. Luke wants to be free just like everyone else but he meets Jen who wants to be free too. The climax is Jen and some other kids want freedom and try to stop the law, but it doesn't work. Luke then, get's a fake I.D. and goes to school like the normal kids.
    Andy S. 6